Subscription and Top Up


What is Subscription and Top Up?

Subscription services are convenient for customers who want to receive their favorite content and services automatically. Customers can set up a subscription and make regular payments from their VCC Issuer card.

Top Up is another form of prepayment that works with many popular digital products and services. Customers can purchase Top Ups from participating stores or online and then use the funds to access content on those platforms.

VCC Issuer makes it easy for customers to quickly renew their subscriptions or top up their accounts with just a few clicks. All they need is an active account with us and a payment method associated with their VCC Issuer account, and they can start using these services right away.

How Does VCC Issuer Work Here?

VCC Issuer ensures that customers can take advantage of subscription and top-up services securely and conveniently. Customers can use their VCC Issuer account to quickly set up and manage their subscriptions or applications for Top Up. They need to log into their VCC Issuer account, select the service they want to subscribe to or top up with and enter their payment information.

Once customers have completed their purchase through VCC Issuer, they can access the content or services immediately. Our payments are processed in real-time so that customers don’t have to wait around for money transfers or refunds.

Benefits of Using Our Subscription And Top-Up Services

Using our subscription and Top Up services has several advantages. For starters, you can save time by not having to go out and purchase physical cards or vouchers. Instead, you can use our services from the comfort of your home or office.

Our Subscription And Top Up service also allows you to purchase multiple subscriptions at once and ensure they are renewed on time every month. This saves customers from manually renewing each subscription individually, which can be quite tedious if done manually. Finally, we offer convenient payment methods such as VCC Issuer cards, making the whole process fast and easy!

FAQs on VCC Issuer Subscription and Top-Up Services

What payment methods can I use for Subscriptions and Top-Up services?

You can pay for your subscription and top-up services using VCC Issuer cards and other accepted payment options.

How often do I need to renew my subscription?

Your subscriptions will be automatically renewed every month unless you cancel them beforehand.

User FriendlyHave Bitcoin, Apple Pay, and Android Pay accepted payment methods?

Yes, these payment options are available in our Subscription and Top-Up services.

How do I know when my subscription or top-up has been successful?

Once your payment has been processed successfully, we will send you a confirmation email with your transaction details. This can be used as proof of purchase.